Character Chat

Our Team

Coming together through AI Camp, we created the Character Chat. 

Ella Gherghescu

Ella is a high school senior at Walled Lake Central. She worked as a front end designer for the Character Chat. Her hobbies include yoga, running, and coding.

Vivien Ho

Vivien is a freshman at Drexel University and she is majoring in Software Engineering. In her free time, she likes to draw, game, or complete extra coding homework. Vivien worked on the front end and engineering aspect of the project.

Tyler Chou 

Tyler is a high school junior who enjoys art and computer science. While mainly working in the back-end, he also drew illustrations for the front end website.

Melissa Wahlen

Melissa is a high school senior who spends her free time reading and making music. Her interests in technology and AI led her to this camp, and she looks forward to furthering her knowledge in this field. She worked as a project manager and a front end designer for Character Chat.

Alison Roeda

Alison Roeda is currently a high school junior and is interested in art and technology, particularly AI. Alison worked as product manager and front end designer for Character Chat. In the past Alison has worked for several startups in a variety of different roles including junior advisor, web developer, and is currently doing ad marketing for another small start up.

Ayaan Mallick

Ayaan is a high school senior who worked on the backend of this project. When he isn’t studying math, he likes to game and hang out with friends.

Tenny Liu

Tenny is a graduate from Pomona College. She studied Math and enjoys exploring AI innovations and their social implications. Her simple pleasures are long walks and people watching. Tenny is the instructor and helped on various aspects of the project.

Dr. Michael Ke Zhang

Michael is a co-founder of Ai Camp. Previously he ran data teams at Blend Labs and Grab. He is also a founder and EIR at Fusion Fund.  Michael enjoys teaching and inspiring the next generation of students. He graduated from Caltech with a BS and Stanford with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics.